How Headquarters helps Stone Road save an extra $20,000 per month

Tools we manage for Stone Road:
Stone Road doesn't operate like a typical cannabis brand. Most brands of their size have a sales team in place, and we support them by navigating back-end activities such as inventory, sales reports, order submission, and SKU creation.

Being the main source of sales, Stone Road Management spent too much time concentrating on these tasks. They had a one salesperson at a bi-weekly cost of $3,500; our services totaled $3,000 per month for them.
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"We spent $84,000 a year on one person domestically doing less than what the Headquarters team does. And that was $3,500 every two weeks and we only pay Headquarters $3,000 per month."

Lex Corwin

CEO and Founder

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Bi-weekly Cost: Stone Road Sales Rep vs. Headquarters

Cost Savings

1. We began doing order submission & had an immediate impact:

A sales representative submits an order to HQ with contact, product, and delivery information; we enter the order into a CRM (Nabis) and provide the sales rep the manifest, as well as the delivery date and time. We take 10 minutes to move from step one to step three on average.
Order Submission Process

2. Daily Inventory Reporting:

Inventory Reporting Sample

3. SKU Creation on multiple platforms (Nabis, Eaze, LucID):

This paved the way for the Stone Road Team to focus on their strengths in networking, selling, marketing, and branding. In addition to saving them money, we also increased their efficiency and profitability.
Order Submission Conversation Samples

4. Sales collateral design

Stone Road had a full-time designer employed to create their Menus, doing sticker design and label creation. We took responsibility for these tasks, which we have reduced to a part-time position in order to be more efficient and productive. In California, the average salary for a Graphic Designer is $22.52 per hour ($43.000 per year). This way, Stone Road was allowed to allocate their expenses to a different channel.
Menu Creation and Design

Salesperson + designer vs. HQ weekly costs

Cost Savings

Overall, by integrating a small team handling back-end sales and design, HQ has assisted Stone Road in establishing a fully viable brand without having a typical sales team, while allowing the Stone Road Management to focus on what they do best - sell their product.

We increased their brand's effectiveness while also reducing their payroll costs by nearly $3,000 per month. Additionally, by saving 30 hours on order entry, inventory reporting, and SKU generation, HQ has made it possible to generate an extra $16,380 in revenue each month.