Stone Road

Stone Road engaged Headquarters to automate sales backend processes. Their team was spending too much time on administrative work such as SKU creation, menu updates, inventory checks and data entry.

With a goal of national expansion, they needed to stay focused on what they do best: selling.

We deployed a team of cannabis sales admins to take on 4 key activities:

• SKU Creation: Managing wholesale and DTC marketplaces
• Collateral Support: Labels, menus and promotional design
• Order Processing: Order submission and remittance
• Accurate Reporting: Weekly sales & inventory dashboard

In 2023, Stone Road became one of the fastest growing cannabis brands in California and Oklahoma markets.

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Automated Sales Backend

Headquarters saves us valuable time by supporting our entire sales funnel from creating SKU labels, to entering new orders into Nabis.

1. SKU Creation: Managing wholesale and DTC marketplaces

Stone Road is currently in 5 states, with New York expansion underway. More states = more SKUs and complexity. They needed help managing state-specific wholesale platforms like Nabis in California and Leaflink in Michigan.

Headquarters owns these processes, starting from COA label creation in LucidID to SKU publishing across a variety of marketplaces. Streamlining this work enables Stone Road send product data to more platforms - and sell more!

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2. Collateral Support: Labels, menus and promotional design

Each of our sales admins is well-versed in design tools like Canva and Adobe Illustrator, because we understand the importance of menu design for cannabis brands.

Our team uses Stone Road branding to create new product labels, stickers, menu designs, and email templates.
We support creatives for social and email campaigns, helping increase deal win-rate.

3. Post Purchase Processing: Order submission and remittance

Once Stone Road makes a sale, they simply submit an order to HQ with contact, product, and delivery information; Our team handles all of the admin work required:

• Entering the order into a wholesale platform like Nabis, Chaski, Distru, Leaflink, Acumatica, etc.
• Generating order manifest + confirming delivery date & time
• Payment remittance

4. Accurate Sales Reporting: Weekly sales & inventory dashboard

We continuously enrich Stone Road CRM with new leads, notes and updated points of contact. Our team provides weekly dashboarding with accurate data for key sales metrics, such as Revenue by SKU and Retailer.

This weekly digest enables Stone Road leadership to make the best strategic decisions.

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