Sales Admin

Give your sales reps 1+ day of their week back


Additional hours per month your reps will spend selling
Outsourcing the administrative sales work to a managed team like Headquarters will enable your internal team to spend all their time closing deals.


Increase in deals closed
per quarter
Don't fall short of your revenue goals. We help teams improve sales execution, own the order entry process — and win predictably with precise reporting.

Get precise revenue reporting

Better understand your cash flows with our proven data entry and activity tracking tools. Headquarters sales admins prepare a weekly revenue dashboard for client senior management.
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Sales Ops Tools
Sales Operations

Streamline administrative sales work

We keep your CRM updated with activity data from emails, calls, LinkedIn chats and in-person meetings, so reps stay focused on selling.
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Break free from slow, manual sales ops

Headquarters handles all administrative sales work from collateral updates to order entry.

Elevated Sales Activity

Enable your sales managers to make better decisions with detailed activity reports that show performance in the field.

Integrate With Inventory

Headquarters brings inventory & sales together, so your team knows what they have to sell. We handle order processing; your team can go close the next deal.

Data-informed Decisions

We assist in the day-to-day sales data preparation, enrichment, and reporting to senior management for any revenue opportunities that are being overlooked.
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