Keeping Your Books and Business On Point


Cost savings
vs. internal hire
Our expert managed accounting team automates your routine tasks with all the speed, accuracy, & data security you require.


Payments remitted
to brands in 2022
Get proven invoice verification workflows and prevent expensive mistakes like overpayments.

Save your accounting department time and money

Extend your accounting team without hiring with our outsourced Accounts Payable solution. No more manual invoice processing and data-entry errors to slow you down.
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We're experts in:
Accounting Tools
AR Dashboard

Over 50% cost savings per invoice processed

Create a competitive advantage to accelerate growth. Join leading cannabis industry companies that optimize accounting execution with Headquarters.
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Unlock high-quality cannabis accounting without missing a beat

More time for your finance team to focus on more important items while we handle the tedious work.

Accuracy At Scale

We’re experts at scaling a workforce to match demand - while maintaining accuracy.

Increased Profitability

You don’t have to hire a whole accounting team to have timely, accurate financials that help you make smart business decisions.

Dedicated Partners

Our AP specialists work as an extension of your team, supporting your finance initiatives.
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