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Accounts Receivable Associate

If you have previous experience in one of the following job positions, this role is a great fit for you:
Billing Specialist
Account Specialist
Collections Specialist
Accounts Payable
Accounting Analyst
Sales Associate
Customer Support

👋 About Us

Headquarters is a global start-up which partners with US cannabis companies and provides assistance to their financial sectors, sales operations and logistics teams. The distinctive skill set our team acquired over the years allows us to work on exciting projects which help shape new, processes and solutions in an emerging market.

Our Accounts Receivable team collects over $10,000,000 per quarter for some of cannabis industries largest companies.

📙 About the Role

Your duties will be to:

• Keep track of an assigned Accounts Receivable portfolio of major retailer accounts
• Monitor aging report on a regular basis; notify retailers of past invoices promptly
• Act as a liaison between brands & retailers, facilitate communications regarding past due balances
• Research and resolve a high volume of customer deductions pertaining to credit memos
• Interact with internal departments during the process of validating deductions
• Establish positive professional relationships with internal and external parties
• Dispute invalid deductions within the claim’s expiration time frame, and follow through until resolved
• Prepare and submit necessary adjustments for processing
• Maintain transaction update notes current in both Excel CB status list and on the account
• Other accountabilities as assigned

📜 Role Requirements

• Strong communication skills
• Previous working experience in logistics / customer facing roles
• Experience with Google Spreadsheets / Excel
• Problem-solving skills
• Attention to detail skills

🔘 Preferred Requirements

• Experience with different ERP systems
• Experience with a platform specifically used for collections
• QuickBooks experience
• Interest in this recently developed industry

⚙️ Candidate Process Summary

Step 1: Initial interview
Step 2: Handwritten Cover Letter
Step 3: Assignment
Step 4: Supervisor / Client interview
Step 5: Checking references, equipment and internet speed (with your permission)
Step 6: Offer

🤲 Benefits

• Work from home
• Learning and development advisor / consultant
• Salary increase opportunities based on performance
• Work with largest companies in the cannabis industry - we collect $10M/quarter
• Learn to use the best AR tools like Upflow and Front (used by Fortune 500 companies)

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